The 2nd best skincare routine in the world

If you live in nature and wash your face with cold river water, you’ve hit the sweet spot. Your skin did not evolve to require the daily application of products.

Modern living conditions have caused a plethora of inflammatory skin conditions, and it is only recently that science has understood why.

Sapienic is a minimalist range of microbiome skincare products tailored for people living in cities.

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We minimize disruption of the skin microbiome by avoiding foaming agents and emulsifiers. We use live probiotics at high cfu/ml to simulate contact with the natural world. We exclude synthetic chemicals that would pollute the microbial ecology on skin. We replace lost sebum with eclectic oils that present similar metabolic hurdles to the microbiome and hence exclude opportunistic pathogens.

We bring you
a radically different approach to sensitivity.

Our goal is simple – to rebuild your skin’s natural resilience.

In our Sapienic Boost, we use Sapienic Acid to feed your skin’s microbial allies. Sapienic Acid is named after our species – sapiens – because no other animal produces it.

Our Probiotic Boost contains a consortium of living probiotics that help rebuild your skin’s protective layer.

We are certified organic, carbon neutral, plastic neutral, cruelty-free and vegan.

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Your skin pays a price for living in the city

Modern living is comfortable but that comfort comes at a cost to the skin’s ecosystem.

Our skin’s health relies on a protective layer of probiotic microbes that we acquire from touching the natural world.

Living in a city, we are denied this contact with nature and our skins’ health is suffering. Using foaming face washes and cleansers removes the vital natural oils that feed the protective layer.

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Sensitive skin is a modern condition

Scientists have discovered that sensitive skin conditions are extremely rare in the last of humanity’s hunter-gatherer tribes.

Our ancestors didn’t have sensitive skin, so why do we? Skin just wants the conditions for which it has evolved.

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Skin is home to an ecology of protective microbes

Your natural skin oil is precious. Please stop washing it down the drain.

For two million years your ancestors washed with cool water. Foaming washes strip your sebum and disrupt your skin’s barrier function.

That’s why we don’t make normal cleansers – just a clay-based makeup remover that preserves as much sebum as possible. Sebum feeds your skin microbiome and that’s all that stands between you and the pathogens in our city environments. and #fuxoap on Insta

We use biotechnology to mimic the conditions for which you have evolved.