Sapienic Trial


Sapienic is looking for 15 candidates to participate in our 40-day product trial. If you have skincare concerns and are willing to try new products, and can stop using other cosmetic products during the trial period, then you are welcome to apply. There are no age or gender requirements – anyone may apply.

All participants will receive product to use during the trial and will receive special gifts including Sapienic products or vouchers upon successful completion of the trial. Terms & conditions apply (see below).


As a leading organic biotechnology brand, Sapienic Skincare has been using probiotics and prebiotics in organic formulations help to restore the balance on skin. We actively research the application of new probiotic species and delivery methods to combat ageing, acne, and other skin concerns to and optimise skin health. Sapienic Skincare does not subscribe to the norms of the skincare industry and the products take a completely different scientific approach to treating skincare concerns, which you would not have had access to before. Initial trials of the products showed visible improvement to skin condition in all candidates. We are now looking to run a larger trial group to test the products.


  • All candidates should be residing in South Africa.
  • You will need to continuously use the products for 430 days.
  • You will be required to use the products daily.
  • You will be required to submit three photos:, 0 month, 2015 days and 40 days,1 months so we can track your progress.
  • These photos will need to be taken in the same location, lighting conditions, and time of day (see Taking Photos guidelines).
  • You will be required to complete multiple questionnaires designed to track your progress throughout the trial.
  • You will be required to communicate via email and text messaging during the trial.


The application deadline is Tuesday, 31 January 2023.
The trial period will take place for 40 days.


Only candidates who can complete the 430-day trial will be considered. To be eligible for the gifts you will be required to complete all surveys, submitting approved photos, and replying to any questions asked in a timely fashion. Daily compliance for the full 340 days will also be a requirement. Non-compliance of these factors will affect the data and will disqualify a candidate from finishing the trial.

We reserve the right to select the 15 most suitable candidates based on our grading system.


To apply for the Sapienic Skincare Trial, please complete the form on the relevant website. Ensure that all fields are completed, and that the photo requirements are met.

Taking your photos

You are required to take 3 sets of photos over the course of the trial. These photos are VERY important, as they document your progress during the trial. They will be used to statistically and visually calculate improvements in your skin.

Dates that require photos

  • The start of the trial (day 0)
  • 2 weeks after starting the trial (day 14)
  • 1 months after starting the trial (day 30)


1. To help you take the best photos, please follow the below guidelines

2. Get someone to help you take the photos. This is essential, unless you have access to a ring light or tripod. If you have assistance, taking the photos shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes and will be easy.

3. If you have long hair or have hair that covers any part of your face, please tie it up so that your full face and forehead are clearly visible.

4. Do not take photos just after applying the Sapienic Skincare products. The best time to take a photo would be in the morning after washing your face with water, but before any products have been applied.

5. Stand in front of a plain simple background, avoid using dark backgrounds. It is important that you take the 15- and 30-day photos in the exact same position.

6. The lighting should be the same for all photos. If the room gets natural light, try to take the photo at the same time in so that the natural light doesn’t affect the lighting conditions. Avoid standing directly under an overhead light as this casts shadows. Ideally, the light source should be behind the camera.

7. Take 5 photos. Start in the left side position and move 45 degrees at a time. You need to submit the following a 90-degree left image, a 45-degree left image, a frontal image, a 45-degree right image and a 90-degree right image.

7. Make sure your head (facial area) fills up as much of the image as possible.

8. If you have any questions, ask a study staff member.


Please email the photos to Photos should be sent within 24hr of taking them. Photos will be checked by the study staff member. You might be asked to redo photos if they are not clear enough or if we feel you need to change some element of how the photos were taken.

If we would like to use any of the photos in our reports or published papers, we will contact you for consent before doing so.