For most people living in the city, a skin care routine consists of layering with a plethora of products. A multi-step routine is pushed by the beauty industry. More steps equal more products equal more sales. That’s the industry standard, and most people have bought into it.

Does my skin care routine matter?

Absolutely, but not in the way that you think. Your entire routine matters. How you spend your days and live your life matters, and this ultimately plays a role in the way your skin behaves and reacts.

The world has seen a dramatic shift towards urban living. More than 4.3 billion people live in cities. That means that half the world has little access to green spaces, limited contact to nature, and several highly questionable routines.

How is this relevant for my skin?

In every way possible. Not only does city living reduce the good microbial diversity of our skin and increase skin concerns such as acne and atopic dermatitis, but it also affects our immune system and our exposure to other inflammatory diseases and allergies.

Getting our microbiome to a place of complete independence now requires some kind of sustainable intervention. Using biotechnology, we are able to mimic the conditions for which we have evolved and simulate an environment that our skin needs. We’ve done this by creating a minimalistic range of skincare products that has one simple goal – to rebuild your skin’s natural resilience. No more multiple-step routines and an obnoxious assortment of products.

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